Dior Glossy sunglasses question:

  1. I have considered buying these but was wondering:

    Does anyone have a problem with them leaving a mark on your nose? I am assuming they are lightweight though, right?
    I'm considering purchasing online and maybe selling a pair of Gucci's (maybe-- have to become de-attached, haha) and that pair leaves a mark that is a real annoyance to me. They are a little heavy.
    I just want to make sure I won't run into the same problem with these because it's a big reason why I want to buy another pair right now.

  2. Mine leave a small mark on my nose, but pretty much all sunglasses do on me. I would say weight wise they are comparable to Chanel.
  3. They are pretty good sunglasses.
  4. I wear mine everyday and they don't leave a mark:nogood:
  5. They are very lightweight but they do leave a mark on me!Then again all my sunglasses do so I guess it's just me lol