Dior Gloss Show Lip Color- Anyone Use?

  1. If you do, what do you have to say about it?
  2. Love it!!
  3. sorry, i find it too sticky. but then again, i find everything too sticky
  4. envyme...give me more feedback please? Good colors? Staying power? Shimmer? Fill me in.
  5. Dior Gloss Show Lip is a bit sticky and there is a bit too much shine that makes me look like I just finished a meal! :graucho:

    I find Dior addict less sticky and the colors are beautiful and long lasting
  6. ooh...love Dior Addict in #319 "Beige Dandy.":biggrin:
  7. Its a little too sticky for me too...the only thing I can use that stays on and is not sticky and gooey is Lancome...or Chanel. :smile: