Dior Girly Pink Boston on ebay?

  1. hi ladies :yes:

    Does anyone have any idea on how much the Girly pink boston bag fetches on ebay? Any input will be good! Thank you! ;)
  2. Hi happie_berrie!

    I've actually wanted a Girly Boston bag for a while now off Ebay but they fetch around $400US if they are mint condition (or near mint). If they are a bit dirty, they fetch around $200. Considering that they were sold at over 50% off at the Dior Woodsbury outlet, I'm not too willing to pay over $400 for one. Plus a lot of them don't look very new even if they are mint condition (you can tell by the way the petals of the blossoms are frilling, and by the slightly lumpy shape of the bag once it has been used a few times).
  3. Woodsbury had them for over 50% off?! :wtf:
  4. That's what I read on earlier threads. I wish I got my hands on one of those :sad:

  5. yes they did a while a ago and i should of got the bag but i didnt and they dont have them anymore :sad:
  6. Wow!! And they had the boston too!?!

    I thought 50% was the highest discount possible for this bag since I would've thought it would sell out even at 50% off. I cant believe there was still stock (or at least the boston) left over for it to be discounted more than 50%!

    Thanks for the info! I'm going to search previous threads now
  7. werent all the pink/white girly bags at 50% off? I rem getting my girly boston at 50% off from the SF dior store a few months ago.
  8. ^ yea. but some members state that they saw it for more than 50% off at the outlets
  9. awww thats so ****ty that they are going for so cheap. i bought mine brand new from eluxury for $725 plus shipping. and i thought maybe id get rid of mine...and then i looking on ebay and there were mostly fakes and they were going for like $200 real or fake.
  10. Hi Louielover!

    Actually, you'd be surprised. All the real ones with good pictures have ended over $400...a LOT of people still want this bag (and don't know about Dior's sales). That's why it's so hard for me to get one off Ebay...they're either too used or too expensive.
  11. yea, I agree with MayDay. I've even seen some go for 500+ (and I think I saw one go for 600+).

  12. they dont have the girly bags anymore at the outlets:crybaby: they did have the boston at that time but they are long gone im so mad i didnt get it
  13. i have TWO Girly's (=
  14. I just got mine in near-mint condition on ebay, and I also got it authenticated, and it was 1000% real. :biggrin:

    I got it for 360 + shipping as a best offer! :biggrin:

  15. do post some pics please!@!