Dior Girly Boston Bag

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  1. Whats a good price for a like new girly boston bag and a small girly pouchette sized bag(no idea what its called, sorry)? thanks :smile:
  2. It retailed for about $800 or so, but over the summer, the outlet boutiques had them for HALF OFF! I'm selling my pouchette sized one on the WTS forum.. I bought it for $490 +tax... but I'll take offers.. maybe around $300? =)
  3. I acutally was in the process of buying a girly boston, i just wanted to know if i got it for a reasonable price. i paid 300. missing the correct rhinestone lock (just a plain dior one). i decided the pouchette was too small, i have another bag thats the same size as it. thanks for the info though.
  4. ^^

    that is a great deal on a girly boston! i got mine when they first came out and paid full-price =(

    the rhinestone lock comes off sooo easily, i no longer have it on the outside of my bag, i keep it in the zippered compartement.