Dior Girly Bikini

  1. Hi everyone, I need your help. I bought the Dior Girly Bikini top a long time ago and now regretted not buying the bottom as well. My friend upon knowing this have gave me a girly bikini bottom to match my top, I am sure it is authentic as it comes with the same tag and the colours are the same as my top but am not sure if it looked like that when i saw it in the boutique before. It had ruffles around it and I can't remember if it did. If someone can so kindly show me a picture of the original dior ad or even their girly bikini, it'll be great. Thanks
  2. Look this

  3. This bikini is different from my girly bikini. Mine has flowers on the side and is underwire. How much was yours?
  4. Awesome Pics!