Dior Girls, I need help identifying a bag

  1. Hi Girls,

    I just sold this bag on eBay a couple of weeks ago and the buyer claims that the bag is FAKE. This bag belonged to my friend who does NOT carry counterfeits. She's a long time friend of mine and I would never question the authenticity of any of her bags.

    The buyer claims she went to Holt Renfrew to have the bag authenticated and they said the model never existed.


    Does anyone know the official model name of this bag and the year it was produced? My friend said she's had this bag for years - it's 5-7 years old, but that is a rough estimate.

    If anyone owns this bag, please help me out. I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!
  2. I'm 100% sure this model was produced before. However, I can't recall the name of the bag or what year it was. Sorry not much help but someone else should be able to ID the name and the year.
  3. definitely authentic, its a saddle sport bag, enclosing pics of authentic ads and looking for more ...

    SAs at Holt Renfrew should go back to primary school and do a bit of reading on what is their job...they probably didnt even work at Dior when this bag was in boutiques.

    Invite the buyer over to PF!
    bags.jpg 24lu44j.jpg
  4. ok found it it was AW 2001 collection...one more pic
  5. I think the buyer is lying. The Dior SAs at Holts do not authenticate bags. In fact, SAs at other Dior boutiques don't authenticate bags...they suggest that you send the bag to Dior to authenticate (cuz they don't want to run the risk of saying a bag is fake even when it's authentic).

    You can call Holt Renfrew's Dior boutique and ask if a buyer ever came in to authenticate a saddle bowler bag.
  6. in that case i think joe, they dont even have a clue such model was produced so they wont be able to confirm :rolleyes:
  7. OMG GIRLS!!! you don't know how thankful i am for all your info and support! you girls are amazing. i can't believe you were able to find ads and everything! i will keep you posted on the situation (buyer is being VERY stubborn... is asking for PROOF that the bag is authentic AFTER she bought the bag and received it... i think that's a little backwards! buyer never emailed me beforehand to ask questions.)
  8. I hope it turns out well for you hun! keep us posted ! :tup:
  9. Aw sorry to hear about this - you are an excellent eBay seller ! :yes:
  10. thank you, ayla! that means a lot. i can't believe someone would accuse me of selling a fake bag. it's just SO insulting. i hope to clear all this up with the buyer but she is being VERY persistent and is continuing to demand a refund.
  11. okay, bad news, ladies. the buyer is now playing the reverse role with me and saying all the information i gave her isn't proof enough that the bag is authentic. forgive me if i'm wrong, but isn't the buyer supposed to do their research BEFORE buying the bag? now she wants ME to prove to her the bag is real. honestly, these eBay newbies are really something. this is what she wrote to me, in her last email:

    I am sorry. This is no proof enough. The pictures you enclosed, have consistently two types (colour) fabric to accentuated details, mine does not.

    The little side flaps on the front are loose, mine are sewn in.

    There is still the problem of the zipper (lacking Dior logo)

    The use of snap button.

    You suggest I log to the purse blog, I do all the time, and I know anyone (including yourself) can answer my questions.

    I still want a refund.
  12. how did she pay?

  13. this is ridiculous she is definitely having buyer`s remorse. Send her a link from PF how authentic tags look like, this is something that is quite easy to see if the tag is fake or not, she can compare with hers, end of story. Seriously what is wrong with people these days.

    If she logged here often, she would know how Authenticate this thread works, what a load of BS.
  14. this is what i wrote back to her:

    Look, I know you're new to eBay and you probably aren't knowledgeable about Dior. I suggest you do your research BEFORE you bid on items. If you had any doubts about the photos I posted up on my auction, then you should have asked me prior to bidding. As a seller, it's not my responsibility to prove to you whether my bag is authentic or not AFTER you've bought it. My GUARANTEE is "All items are 100% authentic or your money back" which means YOU have to show me proof that the bag is fake if you want your money back. Besides, the bag is 100% authentic. I DON'T sell fakes or carry them. You can check my feedback yourself.

    I'm sorry but I am not granting you your refund. You can try to take action through Paypal and eBay but I'm almost positive that you won't be successful. You have more to lose than I do. You're a brand new member to eBay and with another negative feedback on your profile, NO seller is going to sell to you.



    I sounded a little harsh at the end but I had no choice. I had to try and "scare" her so she can back off.
  15. she paid through paypal. it was an instant transfer so i'm guessing it was through her bank account or her credit card, not echeck.