dior girlie pink bowler - bluefly

  1. i saw this on bluefly today and i am surprised that it is still $580 the line is pretty old, i still love it and all but i would think that the prices would be a little cheaper. I remember one time e-luxury had it on sale for a lot less. Now I all the sudden want it. but i feel likse $500+ is a lot for this bag.


    Bluefly - Save on Designer Totes, Handbags at 75% Savings at Bluefly.com - #2059671 - Christian Dior pink diorissimo pvc trimmed medium handbag
  2. Bluefly is overpriced on bags and shoes. Half the time they exaggerate the original retail price of a pair of shoes or a bag and then try to wow you with 20% off an inflated retail price. :cursing:
  3. That bag is STILL on Bluefly, along with several other styles. Yes, bluefly is overpriced. Im thinking about a bowler, but the shape looks awkward!

    they have the blue/white diorissima boston for $520, someone reported seeing it at the orland outlet, I bet its half the price. lol
  4. I saw this bag at the woodbury outlet last time don't know whats the price but I think they still have it.
  5. That seems very high.
  6. plus i will never ever buy anything from Bluefly after they were selling fake balenciagas ...:yucky:
  7. price is so high for such an old line. I would check eBay, bluefly's price is not reasonable.

  8. You just said in another thread that you would NEVER buy off ebay "soooo many fakes", but you're telling someone else to? :lecture: