Dior Gipsy

  1. hi everyone!

    i'm iffy about the dior gipsy clutch thats on eluxury. i haven't heard much about this line at all. What does everyone think of it? Also I noticed that the dior gipsy platform shoes are more expensive on eluxury than on Saks or Neiman Marcus.. why is that?
  2. its a new line, recently introduced, so its not so popular yet. Plus the main line of bags for this season is Jazzclub, so Gypsy is less promoted i think.:smile:

    As per Elux i havent got a clue what their policy on prices is, sorry :sad:
  3. I think they're cute but they don't scream timeless classic to me.
  4. I went to dior a few days ago and I seen the gipsy Ruffled large Hobo the SA was trying to get me to buy it, but she told me it was made from baby calf skin. The bags are beautiful but I don't think I would buy anything that was made from a baby calf (I hope I don't own anything like that, I doubt it though) but thats just me. The bags are soft
  5. well i dont want to be harsh, but if you ever had veal for dinner ...the rest of it is a Dior bag now. :sweatdrop:

    Baby calves and cows will be killed no matter if you buy the bags or not...the leather is just by product of the meat that is served on our tables.:sad:

    Same with lambs...both dinners and balenciaga bags....
  6. yukk. that makes me wanna throw up.
    but thats why these bags cost a lot.

    so i guess its safe to say i can cross off the clutch off my list.
  7. What??? bal bags are lamb:confused1: AAAAHHHH:wtf: If i knew that i wouldn't have gotten one:nogood: as for the veal i don't eat it simply for the reason of it being calfs (babies). Now my bf's callin' me a hypercrit cause i dont eat lamb but now own a lamb bag:push:

  8. well some of them are goats, you can check it on the paper tag. I cant guarantee that they are not baby goats though...
  9. Hello Valeri!
    A lot of fine leather bags are made from a calf (which is always a young cow) Just like shoes, belts, Coats and other clothes. Don't get irritated by the word "baby". If you eat chicken or fish, they get mostly killed in young age so the meat is softer and tastier. Didn't you ever had veal in an italien restaurant? That was a "baby" too...
    A handbag doesn't become a handbag because the animal died anyways, they raise cattle to feed us and to make clothes from theyr skin, no matter what age......That's the 21st cenury

    I just got the Gipsy and I love and enjoy this sexy and feminine bag!
  10. Here she comes;)
    DiorGipsy 002 Kleine Webansicht.jpg DiorGipsy 004 Kleine Webansicht.jpg
  11. one more
    DiorGipsy 002 Kleine Webansicht.jpg
  12. looks gorgeous on you, N, I couldnt pull it off :sweatdrop:
  13. Thanx Nataliam!
    Can't wait to get my Jazzclub tomorrow!:wlae:
  14. beautiful bag would look great with a flowing gypsy skirt, love it!
  15. I think the Gipsy bag from Dior is gorgeous!
    I spotted two at campus..a red one and a fuschia one!