dior gift selection

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  1. so i received an email update from the dior site and had a look at the gift selection section. they've got prices for some of those items i found under "product search". here are some pictures. ;)

    i'm eyeing those lady dior clutches, the cute trotter romantique padlock and that woven lady dior (check out the heels too! whoa!)

    p/s i've included the "my dior" bag since the site provided a close up of it, for any of you who are interested in the "my dior" range.

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  2. more pictures!

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  3. ooh those lady dior clutches are really cute!! :heart:
  4. the pink lady dior clutches are so adorable :girlsigh: I want one!!
  5. yeah agree, the clutches is pretty, classy!
  6. HOT sunnnies :heart: thanks for sharing dear
  7. the clutches are so cute! does anyone know the price?
  8. the pink one without the rhinestones are priced at £300. the studded (rhinestones one) is £900. i know the one with rhinestones come in black too.

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  9. Dior certainly knows how to empty my wallet...I want so many of these things, especially that braided Lady Dior and the second pair of sunglasses!!!