Dior Gift at NM

  1. Hi all - this was not advertised online nor did I see a thread for this, so I am hoping this is the right place to put this. I just went to NM and with a $350 purchase you can receive the (I think this is the line-sorry if I am wrong) pink Dior Girly cosmetic bag as a gift along with the regular with with purchase (purchase has to be $100 for the regular one).
    I just thought to share this. Sorry - I don't really know the name of the line the cosmetic bag came from - but it is the pink one that has a white #1 on the lower right hand corner.
  2. This isn't online, is it?
  3. no - it is at the store. I found out when I went to the Neimans in VA (Tysons Galleria) today. They didn't really advertise this or have it on display - I found out when I asked about the gifts with purchase.
  4. Nordstroms have it too! at least the ones in seattle. :smile: