Dior Gaucho

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  1. Yesterday I went to NM in Beverly Hills to return my Paddy and afterwards I walked through their purse section. I went to Dior and the sales lady asked if I wanted to see the newest "it" bag...and of course I knew what she was talking about thanks to this forum! It was beautiful! I saw both the larger and smaller creamy white color one with red, and there wasn't MUCH difference in sizes. It was so soft! When you open the bag up there is a cute little cellphone holder with closer on the outside of the leather (hope that made sense). Very cute! She said someone had it on hold til noon, but I had to pass anyways. The smaller one was $1395 I think. Just thought I'd share my purse story!
  2. Thanks for sharing your story! I just called SCP they said they will be in today or tomorrow! Too bad I can't go see them yet but I am sure I will make time to LOL
  3. Ugh! I wish I lived in Costa Mesa!!! I looked in every store in Dallas yesterday and the dang SA's looked at me like I had 3 heads when I asked about the "Dior Gaucho"!
  4. I just called Dior.com and they had a SA contact me from Caesers Palace Dior and they took my order and they are shipping it out.
  5. i know how you feel about living far away! :biggrin:
  6. :lol: your SA is so clueless!!:wacko:
  7. Yey!!! but I have to see it in person hopefully I can compare the red and the white, which one are you getting???:love:
  8. Hmm. At least you have stores! I called around all the "Hollywood" stores today looking for a Chloe Edith (medium) and explaining how there is nothing here except a Saks the size of a closet, and they suggested I take a weekend trip to Dallas to shop. Now perhaps that is not such a great idea. I am thinking of a trip to KC in the near future, maybe I can find something there. :sad:
  9. That suck:sad2: But I am sure you will track it down soon. then when you get it you will be feel like it all worth it:P
  10. everevereve> How do you like SCP Dior? The store does not carry enough items. May be business is too good? or they just don't get enough shipment compare to the stores in Vegas. I go in there all the time. I feel disappointed when I see the same old stuff. Do you have a SA you like there?
  11. I also feel the dior in SCP is very empty, but I guess that goes to chanel and gucci there...Vagas on the other hand I love the stores in vagas! I haven't been going to SCP for a while ever after I moved to pasadena but I still like it better there since it is big and the parkings are great!:lol: I guess since I don't live that close so I like it to just call frist and cross my fingers hoping they have new stuff!
  12. I don't live far away, that's the thing! Dallas Texas is H U G E! And chock full of uber-high end shopping. I couldn't believe the SA's had no idea! LOL!
    So sad!
  13. Maybe you would have luck here. Dior is just hard to find apparently. There's no shortage of shopping here, that's for sure and it could be a fun weekend anyhow!

    Are you the one in OK? Where at?
    I'm from Bixby originally! My sister is in Edmond.
  14. everevereve> we should try the one in Rodeo. I've never been there.
  15. I know that is werid...I called in this morning I said: Hello, are the Dior gaochos in? hahaha I was so excited didn't even ask the SA's name and stuff
    but the SA answered right away so nice of her.