Dior Gaucho

  1. okay I am confused ... and I own one.

    I have what I think is the medium gaucho in bordeaux that I ordered and bought from Dior in Hong Kong.

    I love it ... that is not my problem at all ..

    but I see that the large guacho has the key and coin on the buckle on the face of the bag as well as on the shoulder strap ...

    does the medium one also have two keys and coins?

    Mine only has the one on the bucke on the front of the bag ...

  2. Hi Yours is right don't worry.The medium Gaucho only has one set of coins and key.:biggrin:
  3. Oh man, I had the large briefly and the extra keys/coins drove me NUTS! They jingle-jangled like crazy and you could hear me coming a mile away.
  4. Ya, I noticed that too about the large. It was TOOO jangley for me. I got the tote instead :smile:
  5. :lol: :lol: I notice too.