Dior Gaucho..which size do you recommend?

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  1. I got a call from my BG SA and they are getting the Gaucho in this week. The list has gotten so long thata they are calling everyone on the list and taking prepaid orders only.
    Now I must decide between the medium or the large in white:wacko:

    I always thought the large double was too bulky but it's more popular and in greater demand. what do you think?
  2. Oh , I haven't seen the LARGE in real life yet. The SA got me the first white and red and they were in the medium. They happened to fall very nicely so I took the medium not waiting for the LARGE. I think it was a better price too for what I am willing to pay for another "it" bag. It may look bulky in Large so I have heard for the LARGE. It falls differently, less U shaped, I would think. I have more pics in my collection If you need.:P

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  3. thanks for the picture Star. You are right for another "It' bag, the price of the medium is better. Especially with being on a budget .
  4. It depends on how much you normally carry in your bag. I had the medium and returned it because I found it too small -- and got a large. The large is not that big and actually holds less than you think. However, you are right - the large is alot of $$$. :Push:
  5. i'd get the medium. large seems too bulky.
  6. I'd vote for the medium too. The large, although I love it, freaks me out a little bit the way its so bulky and the way it's shaped. The thing I love about it though is that it has a longer strap drop (important to me).

    Um. I need to go visit the NO MORE BAGS thread because I just bought the medium in red. OMG. I happened to call one of my favorite stoes ( Saks Chicago) and they actually HAD the medium red, which is want I wanted (was torn between that and white actually). I couldn't resist. Definitely time to ebay some of my bags.
  7. The tote is awesome too!! Actually, if that hadn't sold out so quikly on eluxury, I would have definitely broke down and ordered it. I will be in BIG trouble when or if I find the tote in white.

    Cougess, what color did you get?? :smile:
  8. The large in white - should have it in 2 days and I've ordered the tote in brown. :biggrin:
  9. What's the difference between the tote and the reg Gaucho{s}?
  10. The tote has short handles and.... looks like a tote or satchel whereas the regular styles look more like a hobo.

    First pic is the large, 2nd the tote, 3rd the medium.

    I am more and more falling out of love with the medium. Oh well, I'll know in a few days whether that's the style for me!

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  11. Okay, I need a shoulder bag - so the tote is out!
  12. okay, my dior gaucho in medium arrived today and I'm not sure I'm crazy about it. Star did yours have little dark marks in a few spots? I called dior and they said that is normal even though they actually look like small ink smudges. Maybe if I put something in it it would look better but for the money it was not love at first site. On the other hand, my ink balenciaga I bought from one of our fellow purse forum gals (thanks inky paws) arrived today and I love it completely. Out of the paddy and into the b bag right away. If I decide to return it I'll let you all know because it is very hard to find and this one was purchased from dior in las vegas.
  13. The big Gaucho is gorgeous! the model in the photo (on the other hand) is frightening!!!!!!!
  14. If you had to pick, I'd say the medium.
  15. i've seen them both next to each other, and the medium by FAR is better. the large is too bulky with too many compartments and how you get into it seems not intuitive at all. the medium, on the other hand, is perfection :biggrin: