Dior Gaucho Washed Leather Belt discussion

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  1. Ok so I'm a guy here and I think I like the black gaucho belt I saw on the Dior website. I know its under the "woman" section but would it look good on a guy? I mean I dont think anyone that doesnt know its Dior would think oh its just a belt with a key and a coin. Do any of you know the price of this bag? I'm thinking about getting it. I like it haha :amuse: But does it looks like a woman's belt? :/
  2. that's totally cute! i like it. matches the bag. but they don't have that bag in black?
  3. I think you could pull off the belt....I think if it fits...wear it!

    I dont think they make the bags in Black...Anyone?
  4. It depends on your overall look, but if you love it get it! :biggrin: Make sure you post pics too ;)
  5. Thanks everyone. Ya my uncle might get it in HK since you dont have to pay tax there. I get to save money aha :nuts:
  6. They do make the bag in black, but it's not the same style as the featured red/white/khaki - it has handles rather than shoulder strap and is a more dressy bag.
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