dior gaucho tote in ivory leather

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  1. soon to be available. i saw a photo of it in this months W magazine with jessica simpson on the cover. it has white whipstitching around the edges with silver hardware. it looks VERY white. not the dirty white we've seen. also the leather looks pebbled.

  2. oooh - photos? I'll have to check out the new W magazine.
  3. Fayden-Which color do you think is better, the ivory leather or the dirty white we've been seeing???
  4. i actually prefer the dirty leather. it gives it more character. the white ivory leather just looked like it belonged in a hospital. too sterile, you know what i mean?
  5. Yipes, it looks like they are already making copies of this bag :worried:

  6. Wow! That's a good fake!
  7. I think that's a pretty color but I'd be so afraid to get it dirty!!!