Dior Gaucho - Sizes

  1. Hi.

    Very very new to Dior and would like to purchase a Gaucho. However, I need the experts opinion :yes: What do you think is the best size for someone who is 4'11"? I was thinking of getting the Gaucho Tote but was afraid that it may be too big for my frame. Let me know!! Thanks!
  2. Hmmmm...I think the mini Gaucho is your bag! It's not that small at all and although it may not hold as much as the other Gauchos, it will hold more than a lot of bags of the same size because of it's soft leather. I can't find a pic of it at the moment but it looks like the buckle is waaay too big compared to the rest of the bag (making it really cute). It's dimensions are approximately 9 x 7 x 3.5 inches.

    If that's too small for you, you can try the medium single saddle bag. I think that's a bit smaller than the tote.
  3. hmmm got two pics for you with dimensions :s the small gaucho isnt the nicest here but there are small gauchos in much nicer colours ! i do thinbk this might be the one for you as u r a petite gal :yes:
    mediumgaucho.JPG smallgaucho.JPG
  4. Thanks so much!!!