Dior gaucho or Chloe paddington mousse

  1. Hi ladies, Im having a dilema now..I really wanted chanel luxury bowler but I can't found a good deal around..Now I have choice to buy chloe paddington in mousse and/or dior gaucho in white..Which one should I get? And another thing, dior gaucho seller claim that she's a member of PF and ALVA.
  2. Check your PM box. That'd be me!
  3. dior gaucho.
  4. Hmm... I would probably say the Dior Gaucho, unless you were talking about the pocket paddington in mousse, which is absolutely divine.
  5. Well, I have both and would chose the paddington. I love my Gaucho in white but really found the paddington more versatile.
  6. Thanks ladies, but I decided to get the mousse chloe paddy..and maybe another 2 paddy..:graucho: haha..starr, everyone who has white gaucho told me that they experience the same proble as you..:Push:
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