Dior Gaucho on Eluxury

I do like it; I like the tote even better (I think, I haven't seen either IRL yet).

I am not in the market for another It bag though; we all know how well my last It purchase went (cough) anthracite paddy (cough). :Push:
I didn't know it really was like a saddle (two separate sides). I thought they just meant the flap was something like a saddle. The only pics I had seen of it were from the front.

Iddywho, I don't love it as much as originally but I still like it well enough.
I have to share this story...my husband has heard me talking a lot about this bag. Obviously, he has only been half listening - today, he referred to it as the "Groucho Marx" bag. :lol:
when i first saw its pics in the blog a week ago.. i liked it! :oh:

but now that the side view is shown clearly in elux.. i hate it! :wacko:

all in all.. because of the love hate relationship.. i think it needs further personal inspection some day
Ok, the side view on elux is messed up. My friends and I think the large looks better with the double sides than the medium. See it in person! You'll agree that the pic is really funky.. o_0