Dior Gaucho On Ebay Already!

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  1. Does anyone know the actual retail price?
  2. good luck! :lol:
  3. Is that your auction? Are you the Seller?
    I'm asking beause you say "wish me luck!" but the opening bid and BIN are the same price.
    You don't need luck, if you bid at all you'll automatically win it{?}

    Sorry, just a little confused!
  4. I think someone in this thread mentioned the price

    But why would anyone pay almost double the price, just to have it a few weeks earlier than the actual arrival dates...
  5. i think it retails for approx. $1400.
    what a rip-off..
  6. Omg, it's TWICE the retail price!! I thought it's already starting to hit the Dior store?

    Wait, uber_chick... you're selling it? :blink:
  7. Yep, I think we have the seller here... Especially since it's her first post :P

    People always seem to underestimate our intelligence over here :P
  8. I just saw uber_chick (the ebay seller) reading this post. lol
  9. lol! What a coincidence.

  10. You mean she was just here and didn't answer my question!??

  11. damn, I want my gaucho already!!! :nuts:
  12. If God could grant me one wish it would be to turn me into uber_chic; that way, I'd have the most coveted handbag of the season, ALREADY!
  13. But seriously girls, if you factor in supply and demand the price isn't THAT high. I mean the Chloe Paddington was going for around $3200 when it first came out! And the X-BOX 360 selling for $1500 OVER retail!

    If I have enough money to make rent next month, it's mine! (Muah hah hah)
  14. Wow, that's quite hefty.

    For some reason though, I just can't get excited over this bag. But I guess that's a bonus for everyone else, one less person to fight with for the bag. ;)