Dior gaucho is a limited edition


Jan 1, 2006
I just got quoted 1395 for the medium denim at Dior NYC. She was sure about the price and said it was the same as the leather. My SA in Canada said the same thing. That means the one on ELux is a mistake or a really good deal.


It's Pompom time!!
Feb 22, 2006
Thanks, guys! :love:

I know i'll get one. I was so-so about them at first only seeing them on elux, but after seeing some of the personal pics that people took of their own, i fell in love. To me, the leather looks like it would be stiff from the pic on elux, but knowing it's soft sealed the deal for me.

The denim one looks so nice, but i just returned a LV Baggy PM bacause i realised the price wasn't worth it. I'd rather have leather.

Oh, btw, i have the LARGE red one in my shopping cart on elux. It was up for a second, so i snatched it up, now it says there are none left, but it's held in my cart. I thought about it and want the medium.

Anyone want it? I can let it go and someone here can snatch it up quick!;)