Dior Gaucho in Turquiose Leather or LV Speedy 25 in Red Epi Leather

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Dior Gaucho Vs. LV Speedy

  1. Dior Gaucho in turquise leather

  2. LV Speedy 25 in red epi leather

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    So I recently purchased a Red Epi leather Speedy 25 on a whim and totally loving it. However, I just remembered that I had been eyeing the Dior Gaucho in turquiose leather. Because all my bags are large, I think either one would suit my need (or more like want) for a small/medium size bag. But now I'm really torn between the two. Help anyone??
  2. Well, would you prefer a shoulder or handheld bag? Also, are you wanting a colorful bag for spring and summer, or are you hoping this will be a year-round item? I am torn personally - I much prefer a shoulder bag, but I think the red would be a more classic, season-less choice. :tup:
  3. hmm...that's a good question. Well, the gaucho is a bit more convenient cause I can put it on my shoulders but the LV i can probably carry in the rain (so i've heard on the lv thread). that's def a tradeoff....
  4. I would go with the shoulder bag it's much easier than hand held.
  5. I have seen a few Epi Red Speedys IRL and they are awesome.
  6. LV for sure!!!
  7. ah go for the gaucho and in that colour...wow what an eye catcher!!
  8. The color of the Gaucho sounds amazing! I would love a turq Gaucho. I have a mini black one and I honestly love it. The larger size would have been more ideal but it didn't quite fit my budget. Dior is less common and I think will stand out. The red epi speedy however is also going to be a great centerpiece as not many people will have it either. Price wise I think Dior is more expensive. I personally would pick the gaucho because of its luxurious leather and great color!
  9. I don't like LV speedy 25, because it too small for me
  10. I vote for the Red Epi! The Gaucho has a "strong" style, I think in turquoise is maybe too much...but I should see it before judging, of course!
  11. I would definitely go for the turquoise Gaucho. This bag is gorgeous.
  12. Thanks for the input ladies! Still too close of a vote to make a call. ...
  13. i like the speedy i looove red bags
  14. Can you post a pic of the Dior?
  15. I saw a picture of the turquoise and it was stunning!! so i would go with that!