Dior Gaucho IN STOCK

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  1. Hi Ladies - I just got back from shopping and the Saks Fifth Avenue in Troy, Michigan has a few Dior Gaucho IN STOCK! I was shocked- I walked passed the Dior display- and there was 3 red Medium, 1 cream Medium and then 1 of the small in brown.

    I have to say, the Medium is better looking than the small one- but if you are looking for a Gaucho bag- call them tomorrow! (248) 643-9000! Happy shopping!
  2. How much is the medium and is it the tote or the shoulder bag (in the red). Oh, and THANKS for the info!
  3. I think the Medium is $1995 but I am not sure. There is 6% sales tax here in Michigan too.
  4. I am so embarrassed- I am not sure if it was the tote or shoulder bag b/c the bags were behind a display on a shelf so I don't know for sure. But call them in the morning - the girls there are VERY helpful! Sorry~
  5. The Ala Moana Store has some in as well, and I cleared up the price thing that I mentioned in another thread.

    Initially the bag was $1285 (Hawaii price for the launch), but other boutiques started complaining, so they had to raise it to $1395 like everywhere else :lol:
  6. $1,395 is what I was quoted as well today by the Dior boutique in New York City.
  7. I paid $1585 before tax for the tote.
  8. Yeah, I missed the boat on the $1285, but I'm kind of glad I didn't get it. My SA was telling me about a second wave of gauchos that are supposed to come out that aren't as washed, I guess for people who wanted more of a white bag. I don't think it was anything definite, but if that might be possible I'll wait.