Dior Gaucho in BLUE for fall!

  1. Today in the Dior window I saw the new blue color and it's fabulous, the best color yet IMO. It's not the denim, it's leather.. sort of an indigo. They're coming out with black too but I didn't see it. I won't be buying another one but it sure is pretty! :love:
  2. The blue sounds pretty. I'll have to look in Dior next time I'm at the mall, to see what it looks like :nuts:
  3. Oh, that sounds fabulous. That style with that color will be great!
  4. Yeah, they only had the medium in and the S/A wasn't super helpful and couldn't tell me if they'd get it in all the styles but I'd assume so. I was so surprised they already had it out.
  5. Great info Daisy! Blue sounds like it would be lovely in that bag and no worries about denim rub-off like with the White. That color in the worn-in-looking leather sounds really pretty.
  6. I saw it in the double saddle(large) last week the trunk show.It is really pretty but not my favorite.
  7. Oh interesting, that actually sounds pretty hot !
  8. We definitely need pictures of this one! I can't wait!!!
  9. Gaucho In Blue! YUM!
  10. Now that I think about it... How much is the medium saddle? I was kind of thinking that the size I saw today looked like the medium but maybe a little bigger. Is the medium $1385?
  11. $1395.
  12. Sure would like someone to take pics and post. Sounds beautiful. Anyone up for a little bit of espinage? (did I spell it right?)
  13. Sounds gorgeous! In the exotic leathers or just plain?
  14. Mew, it was the regular leather like the ones we've seen. They didn't have any of the exotics in yet but the S/A did mention them.
  15. It is a gorgeous blue:

    dior 1_1.JPG

    The reason why I have it is because I am an ebay seller and was intrigued when I saw it yesterday at the CD boutique. I just listed it. I debated whether to even post the photo as I know there has been some controversy about ebay sellers/overpriced listings/blatant postings, and I really hope I don't offend anyone. So please forgive me if I do!! I just wanted to share the photo, but also not mislead anyone by claiming it as part of my own collection. :wacko: