dior gaucho? help meeeeeee


Jun 7, 2007
Hello ladies! what's up? everything all right?

sorry but, i've a got HUGE dilemma: since I was looking for a dior gaucho, my friend told me "they're made in france" and I sad "what?".... aren't they made in italy?
Infact, some pics of some diors show the label with "made in france" and others "made in italy"... So, since I don't want to be jocked by some kinda stupid seller, tell me... are the made in... france/italy?

sorry for this... but the gaucho, should be me FIRST dior's bag ever and... I'm not so expert in this brand :sweatdrop: i'm honestly a chloè fan, but I do love the dior Guacho since... ever? yes, I do :heart:
can you help me please? :girlsigh:
Jun 14, 2007
Hi there

Dior bags and accessories are made in italy and spain. You'll find older pieces marked made in france.

If you are interested in a particular bag pop it in the authentication forum and someone will happily have a look for you ;)
Apr 14, 2007
Arizona, USA

The Dior Gaucho is made within Italy as always denoted upon the front of the inner leather tag. Some of the smaller Dior bags and accessories are made in Spain; and the older vintage Dior bags are made within France.

Please feel free to see some quick pointers on how to determine Dior Gaucho bag's authenticity within the "Dior Authentication Tips" thread...click here (starting at post #147).

Below is a pic of an authentic Dior Gaucho made in Italy as denoted upon the tag; and two fake bag tags.

I hope this helps. best wishes, BeautifulBasics:flowers: