Dior Gaucho bags

  1. Hello everyone,

    I think it is time for me to part either one of my Gaucho bags. I have been going crazy for Bbags recently and I think I need to recover my money again.

    What price should I start for Brown Gaucho bag? and Red mini gaucho bag?

    Both of them have not been carried much at all. About 3-4 times each.

    Please help. I do not want to offer too expensive but do not want to lose my money too lol.
  2. Post some pictures so we can see the condition! =)

    Do they come with original tags and dustbag? How much did you purchase them for?

  3. Here you are. They come complete with everything.



  4. Its sooo hard to say...it really depends on how much someone will be willing to pay...the best solution would be to put them with Buy It Now price and best offer option then you can see if there is interest and how much peeps are offering if you consider eBay ...
  5. ^ I agree because people dont seem to be offering much for Diors on eBay- at least doing it that way you dont have to sell at a price too low- but at a price you will accept
  6. I got my off white medium gaucho at a lower price, but I still ended up paying approximately $500 for it. The mini one is quite rare so you might be able to sell it off for a bit higher, I haven't seen any listed on eBay when I bought mine about 2 years ago and there aren't any on ebay now either :tup: