Dior gambler sizes??

  1. Ok, quick Q, I have the suede and python gambler bag and am hopefully buying the plain leather one which I've had my eye on lol. Is the suede and python one classed as a long medium? And I noticed that the plain leather one seems rounder and the part of the bag which join the handles to the bag are slightly bigger on this one when compared to the suede ones. Is the leather one a large? I'm talking about the one with the chain handles not the material ones. Thanks x
  2. The large gambler is considered approx 11in x 9in. There is also a smaller one in the exotics.

    Do you have a pic you can post?
  3. I have the large back gambler and love it .. its in my collection for size comparisons
  4. I just had a look at your collection and that is the one, I'm all excited now lol x