dior gambler collection

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  1. Does anyone know anything about the dior gambler collection - its so cute, the black leather items have little dice hanging from them . I really want the zip purse, and the bag. :love:

    Can anyway tell me when the collection was launched in the stores, and maybe what the retail prices where??

    Their are a few pieces on ebay, but not many so I have only just spotted this collection. I have the dior gambler dice lipgloss, but now want the bags :P
  2. I'm pretty sure the Dior Gambler line is an older line.. I remember seeing it on elux last year and there doesn't seem to be any on the site now.. :sad2:
  3. Oh really , never new that. But it could be. I have sen a few on ebay but i thought it was a new line as they have only just brought out the dior play dice, a while ago..

    Anyone else know ??????

    p.s .. thanks for your reply:biggrin:
  4. You should ask our Dior expert, Noriko. She got tons of Dior bags and is always having Dior-runs. lol Maybe PM her about your Qs?
  5. will do thanks :smile:
  6. Okay, got some info FINALLY, since I FiNALLY had time to go shopping last night :lol: The gambler line was from fall 04, AND the better news is that its on sale now. I saw a piece on sale last night and remembered you lol. The piece I saw on sale was a deep red with python trim and two dice, pretty sure there are others on sale as well but I didn't really have time to check them all out.
  7. Hey thanks for the news !! I have now purchased the black gambler zip wallet - I will take pics soon and add them to my collection :biggrin:
  8. oo cool! I saw the purple one today :biggrin: Cute wallets!
  9. Don't know where you're located... But for Christmas my mom got me a black dior gambler purse. It's the smaller version--not the larger one with the chain-link handle. Apparently the smaller size wasn't released in the US--only in Europe.

    Anyways, my mom got it at the Dior outlet in Cabazon, CA (outside of Palm Springs) just before Christmas. The bag's retail is around $1200, but they're selling for just under $600. I know the BV outlet emails out photos--you might be able to get the people at Dior to do that for you. I also saw the small version on ebay recently. I think it's going for $900-something. Anyways, it's that style if you really want one!

    Good luck--btw, I LOVE my purse. It's like carrying jewelry rather than a purse since the dice that dangle have crystals on them.
  10. Is it this one? Ohh maybe I should call the Dior outlet and inquire about this...

    Kimmy, you're a bad influence and wicked, you're such an enabler :amuse:
  11. Hi Mello:biggrin:

    Yes Yes Yes that is the dior bag I have been on about - isn't it cute LOL I think they came out in 2004. I had not seen them before a few weeks ago when I got my purse. I just think they are so so cute.

    I found these pics on ebay - and this is the purse I got the larger one - I got it in brand new condition for £122 shipped ($215) . I was thrilled, considering they retailed in the UK for £325 ($570).

    The other pic I found has the smaller purse in it also.

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  12. Hi Mello,

    Too funny about calling me an enabler--that's what my friends call me :P Anyways, the one you posted is actually the "regular" sized one. The one at the cabazon outlet is the small one.

    I'm new to this, so I don't know if the link will work... But the one at the outlet looked like this version:


    But it's ALL black leather like the one you showed--just smaller sized and without the chain handle. Hope that helps! If not, let me know--I can try taking a picture of mine and uploading it.

  13. oh please take pics of yours, i would love to see :smile:
  14. Where did you get it from? I love the wallet and would love to see the inside compartment.

    This is an elaborate one on ebay, Fancy! http://cgi.ebay.ca/Christian-Dior-Limited-edition-Silver-Python-Gambler_W0QQitemZ6837204713QQcategoryZ63852QQcmdZViewItem
  15. Hi there,

    I got the wallet off ebay a few weeks ago from the MP member ''gingerbreadcottage''. It is a very big wallet - one side is for your credit crads and it has a pen slot in the middle, and the other section has a zip purse compartment and 3 other compatrments. Here are some pics.:biggrin:

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