Dior from NM the Book

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  1. I've been playing with my scanner and thought I would post some pics to tPF. This picture is in Neiman Marcus the Book Sept 2006.

    Dior Red or black lambskin $1895.
  2. I'll move this to the Dior Forum ;)
  3. I LOVE this bag!!!

    Keep on thinking about it and admiring it since seeing the ads in the mags.

    but haven't seen it IRL yet.. can't wait. Hopefully it's as sumptuous as it looks!

    I think that price you put up there is for a large size? Do you know? Cuz I saw it for a cheaper price but for a medium size (I think...)
  4. Thanks Swanky. As soon as I posted it I realized I forgot to check for a Dior Sub-Forum.
  5. "cannage" collection...I love it!
  6. Wow.. gorgeous ! Thanks for scanning ! :yes:
  7. I've been lusting after this since the book came out. Absolutely gorgeous.
  8. i can't wait to see this bag in person. looks gorgeous!
  9. gorgeous! thanks for sharing! loves it.
  10. I bought this bag today at Saks - med. size in black - I absolutely, totally LOVE it!! The SA told me that the quilting on the bag was the same quilting pattern of the leather chairs that were originally in the Dior atelier. (I actually exchanged my Miu Miu coffer for this bag)
    The black is also in the Dior ads in the most recent fashion mags.
  11. Oh - BTW - Saks didn't have it red, but they did have it in off-white (yummy!!) and a med. kind-of antique-y brown.
  12. That is Gorgeous! I love the color red.