dior flight leather flap tote handbag...i'm having trouble, help please!

  1. Hello,

    I purchased the following Dior Flight leather tote bag, but am having trouble finding any information about it.

    I found lots of info about the bag featured within the second pic, but as you see mine has two front pockets instead of a long one upon the front.

    • Does anyone know retail of mine?
    • Is mine the large size?
    • What is my bag called officially?
    • Is mine suppose to have the orange flight tag?
    Thank you within advance for any assistance you can provide. best wishes! :heart:

    MY BAG:


  2. Well where did you buy it from?

    It should have the orange tag. If you bought it from an outlet store, or from someone that sells them from outlets, it's possible they didn't get the tag with it.

    I recently purchased one too. Not that one, but a different flight bag, and the picture didn't show the tag on it. But it actually came with it. I found out they weren't posting pics of the actual bag!

    Where you bought it is really important.
  3. It has to have the orange tag to be Flight. And the larger ones we saw at the outlet has only one pocket
  4. as far as i know, flight bags should come with the orange tag - that's what gives it the name of being "flight". the only explanation i can think of is that if you'd purchased the bag off eBay, the seller probably took off the tag and hence, it didn't come with one when you received it.
  5. bb could you take a pic of the interior tag for us? as Denise says they definitely were with one pocket on the front, but i havent seen any with two.
  6. Hello,

    Thank you to everyone for your help! I believe the seller lost the orange flight tag. Do you know how I can get a replacement? Any help with regards to the bag or locating a replacement orange flight tag would be so appreciated! Thanks!

  7. ^ looks alright to me, the interiors, though i always thought the dior flight bags had "made in italy" stamped on the back of the tag instead of the front, since i was under the impression that only the relatively newer lines had "made in italy" stamped in front. :confused1:
  8. Here is the two pocket flight in canvas and leather:

    dior flight tote.jpg

    The full leather single pocket tote retailed around $2300 so the double pocket leather tote would probably be around the same, the canvas and leather double pocket tote was $1800.

    Here is a pic of the tag from a single pocket leather flight tote, it has Christian Dior Paris only on the front (it's a bit hard to see due to angle of the pic) and the tag appears to be in the same smooth leather as the exterior.

    I would assume the single pocket and double pocket came out around the same time.

    dior flight leather tote tag.jpg
  9. bb im sorry but the interior tag doesnt look good to me...the font on the authenticity card is a bit off as well, and i dont understand what happened with the small number above the white squares on the back of the tag, it has a different colour than the rest.

    I wrote to a friend of mine who has a similar bag to double check the tag for me... but i honestly think you should authenticate the bags before you buy them , even for the price of someone else grabbing the bargain, if that is what stops you...you dont need the hassle and worries about getting the refund and losing money anyway...just a friendly 2p.