Dior Flight Keyring Price?


Feb 8, 2006
Do any of you know the price for the Dior Flight Keyring (REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT orange rubber tag)? I know its not the newest collection but does anyone know the price? The stupid website doesnt have the price :sad2:
I saw from another source it costs $50 UK, so that's like almost $100 USD. Dior key ring usually runs from $85+ USD.

Kinda steep for an orange tag.

I did see the real thing on a airplane staircase. It's huge.

Good Luck.
andork said:
huh? oh im getting it in Dior boutique? in HK you dont have to pay tax at all. and original price is a little bit cheaper. yay for no tax :biggrin:

That's sweet. Definitely make a list. I was able to take advantage of that too when I was in Paris. I love shopping oversees. Tax sucks!!