Dior Flight Eye Mask!

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  1. Ok, just a quick thread to say eeeeeeek my Dior eyemask arrived this morning, totally gorgeous and packaged so cutely! Can't wait to use it, lol, one of those impulse buys that you just have to have. x
  2. it that the one with the lace? Do you mind saying where did you find it? I have been on an endless seach for it.
  3. pics please- so keane to see it!
  4. can i see how it looks like?
  5. Pix ;)
  6. Will try adding a pic later, i saw it online in the vintage traveler collection but had to order through selfridges Dior coz the website didnt sem to want to work lol x
  7. Ok here is a pic, bit blurry but, hey, my camera skills arn't fantastic!
    eye mask.jpg
  8. Wow...imagine sleeping with that on an airplane..it'll make such a good statement of taste! Now I want one too!!!!!!!
  9. I only bought it ready for my hols in october next year LOL. But well, didn't wanna risk them not having them still next year!!!
  10. heck I just want one to sleep in now:lol:
  11. Very cute and classy.
  12. WOW!Can you say "BANG"?:nuts:
  13. Wow that is cool.
  14. That's very cute!
  15. Ooooh that's adorable !