Dior Flight Denim bag


Chanel Bag Lady
Jan 24, 2006
Hi ladies! I am a new member (just joined today) and I was really interested in getting some opinions on the new Dior Flight denim logo bag from my fellow bagaholics. Do you think this bag is good for an everyday bag or is that orange stripe just a bit much? There isn't any pictures of the exact bag I want on eLuxury but I'm sure you know which style I am referring to. The one I want is a zip top shoulder bag. Any input from you would be greatly appreciated!!:smile:
Is this the one?
It's OK. Not my favorite Dior, but is probably great with jeans!
No, it wasn't a boston bag. I was just in the Dior store today and I didn't ask which style it was. Sorry. It is rectangular w/a zip top, leather handles and the orange stripe across the front of it. No pocket on the front just the stripe. Not so busy looking.
I love it. I thought the orange would bother me but I love it now. It holds good amount of stuff and zips on the top. Perfect for casual wear. The bag itself is light so there is hardly any additional weight other than what you put in it. I like it better than the leather one. Have fun and get one.