dior flight collection

  1. dior flight bag- do u girls keep the orange rubbery "remove before flight" tag on or carry w/o it?

    i want to carry mine w/o but it is secured w/a metal ring and seems like it's not ment to take off so wondering how other ppl r carrying theirs...
  2. I wondered about that too, it says Remove before flight which always makes me want to remove it! I don't though, I carry it with it on.
  3. Hi, I have the medium tote from the flight collection. I keep the rubbery thingy on. I think it looks adorable on the bag. My gf has the small pouchette and she keeps the rubbery thingy on as well. I don't think its meant to be taken off or it could just be a personal preference thing.;)
  4. hmmm ive just bought my dior flight in bleu marine... and was thinking about the rubber thing too..anyhow, it probably looks cool as to where it already is!
  5. personally i think they`re fantastic and make your bag so different ... keep them on !;)
  6. I'd say keep it too!!!! I think it also helps people understand that the belt closure is inspired by airplane seat belts :biggrin:
  7. :yes: ya they are definitely meant to stay on

    :heart: that detail is one of my fav parts anyway
  8. I got the frame bag in black...I wasn't sure either but took it off. Oh well, as long as you like the way it looks.:smile: