Dior Flight Bag - Really Dumb Question!!

  1. Hi Ladies:

    I just bought the Dior Satin Flight Bag. I got a super deal on it. It was originally $1,170.00 and I got it at the Dior outlet in Florida for $170.00! :tup: It came with the orange rubber "remove before flight" tag on it. It's a really cute tag with a silver clip to attach to the bag.

    This will probably qualify as the all time stupid question, but here goes:

    Should I remove the tag, or leave it on????:confused1:

    Any comments (other than laughing at me) would be appreciated!!!
  2. leave it on - its the only thing that stands out on the black satin one ;)
  3. LEAVE IT ON! It's so darn cute and adds motion to the bag!

    And if you're wearing all black, the orange tag will really stand out in a nice way!
  4. i say whatever you prefer but all the modelling and ad pics are with the tag on...your call ! ;)
  5. Have to agree with everyone else, on the black satin I say leave it on ;)
  6. Thanks Ladies!!:smile: I agree with you. The orange adds pop to the bag and I will be leaving it on!!:tup:
  7. Hello,

    Wow....forget about the orange tag ladies (and gents)...j/k...$170! That's a great price! Good for you. Congrats and enjoy your gorgeous new Flight bag....whether you wear it with or with out the orange tag! hahaha. Happy Holidays. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  8. 170 is awesome
  9. 1st of all... what a GREAT buy! :tup:
    leave the tag on and pls post modelling pics!
  10. Congrats! Leave it on :biggrin: The flight Tag is so cute!
  11. It is up to you. People put them on the kei rings, on the bag on cell phones. It is up to ypu