Dior Flight Bag Help

  1. I've heard nothing but good about efahsionhouse (intentionally misspelled to ensure it showed up)

    I found the blue flig bag I've been searching for for months on the site. I took a chance hoping to god it's actually real. I haven't found any negatives about it. But yes to efahsionstore which you can tell by the website they sell fakes. anyway. I paid $993 for this bag. What do you think?

    I don't have the bag as of yet. These are photo's from the website.

    Does anyone own this bag and can give me specifics of what I am supposed to look for.

    Is the interior a solid color or is it lined with the Dior logo? What exactly is the interior tag supposed to look like? What color should it be? Does it have contrast stitching?

    I am not savvy at all to the East West collection. I only own Pink Girly collection. Pretty much the entire thing. LOL, all my bags look alike, just different shapes. People think I'm nuts.

    Anyway here's the pics and thanks in advance.

    I inquired about missing the "Remove before Flight" tag, because it was not pictured. I got a reply saying that it did not come with the bag. I immediately though fake, but then after I asked a reputable person, they told me that sometimes when they get them from Outlet stores, or discount shops they are sold at lesser prices because they are missing certain things. For example tags, or hardware (if that's what you want to call it) she said she wouldn't suspect fake just because, and she also said she heard good and bad about efahsionhouse, she hasn't head fake bags but just rude customer service...

  2. as far as i know this site doesnt provide you with the pics of the actual bags but with stock photos, so they wouldnt be much help.

    Also you might want to check this thread out - or maybe you have already seen, as you are misspelling the name on purpose?


    i`m at work now but will try and find some flight bags pics for you when i get back home...and you can always post the pics in authenticate this thread when the bag arrives !
  3. Thank You very much guys I appreciate your help.
  4. Oh and btw people! I totally understand now what my friend said about crappy customer service. I read the owners post of EFH.com wow was she ever mad. But I guess I can understand , she was probably on her period that day. Or something of that nature.
    I can't hold being a ***** against anyone, because I've done it myself. Many times.

    Like the time my husband bought me black diamond earrings instead of the pink ones I wanted (to match my bags) I flipped out on him, and made him return them. Not to mention he also bought me a LV purse (when the only LV I would own is maybe the Cherry Blossom bags, i'm not impressed with LV bags that's all nothing personal) anyway who the heck where's black diamond earrings when the majority of purses they own are pink. MY glasses are pink, and bought specifically to match my purse collection.

    I got of track I'm sorry, you guys seemed like the type to actually care, because he didn't

    anyway so I guess we established that the woman is a B, and customer service sucks.. But the bags are authentic. I can live with out dust bag. God knows I have enough of them hanging out my house, and maybe I will get an authenticity card, and maybe I wont. Again got enough of them, my daughter uses them as credit cards.

    Thanks for your help.
  5. Cabazon is having a Labor day weekend sale 40% off slect bags

  6. fair enough but why pay such a lot of money for a bag that is missing a vital part :confused1:( for me anyway - they are called flight bags because of that orange tag and it is NOt on that bag ) when you can get it cheaper and complete?
  7. Well if you can tell me where I can find this bag I will sell the one I just purchased and buy a flight bag that is cheaper and complete. I live in Japan, and the Japanese people pay a lot of money for Authentic merchandise. I found the Girly Pink Reporter bag at a shop, very very high end. It was authentic but they wanted $2800 not 2800¥ (which is $28) 280,000¥ I was appalled. I paid $600 for mine in the states.

    Anyway, if you can find this exact bag for me complete, please share the link!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't mind buying another and selling the one just purchased.

    I plan on looking for the flight tag or going to Dior and asking if I could order one.... I haven't gotten there yet.
  8. Nata - I re-read that and I sounded kinda *****y and sarcastic... that's not the case. I come across that way in email, and other form of electronic communication.... I really was being sincere.... Serious if you know where I can get this online, or in the states by phone please tell me. I am in Japan, and I can't just get on the next plane to Cali... traveling with 2 babies is a real pain in the ass. I just got back to Japan, from the states about 5 weeks ago, and it was pure hell.


  9. Lady Dior posted for you where you could get it ! :tup: the cabazon outlet ships worldwide ! :yahoo:

    also check out the Dior outlet items thread at the top of the page and ask Sean he will help you out with what exactly is currently available and for what price - good luck!