Dior flap bag

  1. Does anyone know the name of the flap bag that comes in dark chocolate, black and ivory? I think it is soooo nice:yes: ! What do you Dior experts think of this bag I am contemplating the black or dark chocolate. How well does it wear and is it user friendly. I saw it in the Dior store Saturday at Saks.
  2. hi janicemph,

    could you elaborate more on the design of the bag - any monograms? with ribbons on the handles, the size/shape of it, etc? i'm stumped as to which flap bag you're referring to since it might be the trotter romantique, or it could be the cannage flap hobo... etc
  3. I was thinking the Trotter Romantique too (because of the black+mink, chocolate brown, or ivory colors)! Is it:

  4. The shape is similar to the photo but it is all leather and the closure had a dig siler CD on the flap. Also it is a larger style bag with a pocket in the back of the bag and one strap which can be worn as a handbag or shoulder bag.
  5. I'm intrigued. From what I know, the only style I can think of that has comes also with a strap is a Lady Dior Cannage bag, but this one isn't a flap bag by any means and I don't think it has a back pocket either.

    Could be a new spring bag? :nuts:
  6. It may be a new spring bag. I'm not sure.
  7. Like this?
  8. Is it the...

    Dior Cannage flap bag.jpg
    Dior Cannage flap bag

    Dior Cannage flap messenger.jpg
    Dior Cannage messenger bag

    Dior Diva bag.jpg
    Dior Diva flap bag (this has two straps so I don't think this is the one you're referring to, but it matches everything else you mentioned)
  9. Actually MorningGlory's suggested bag matches the description more...I wasn't thinking of the St. Germain line

    This one has one strap
  10. I should have thought of this one, it fits her description much better. MayDay you rock!
  11. i keep thinking it's the vintage logo large shopper, but it can't be in since the vintage logo doesn't come in black/ivory?


    or like morningglory suggested, it might be the st. germain?

    (comes in black too)

    zip in the back and strap/shoulder sounds like the small/mini gaucho though.
    (comes in brown)
  12. Here it is in black
  13. This is the bag! You rock! I forgot it had two straps. So what do you think, does anyone own this bag?
  14. Nice! it's vintagey classy! Worth owning one, girl :rochard:
  15. I thought you meant interchangeable straps, I can be really thick sometimes. :push:

    In the Dior site, they classified this as one of their classic bags, so they will be producing this year in, year out. So no fear of them running out of style. :yes: