Dior Fine Jewelry

  1. Ok, I've been eyeing this ring. I think it's cool. I hope to see it this weekend at the SCP Dior. They have a special Jewelry showing.
  2. Wow!! That is beautiful!!!
  3. that is gorgeous! do you have the price by any chance?
  4. That is HOT - def think you should get it!:yes:
  5. omg that is one HOT SEXY ring! it would look stunning on for an evening out and wow ive never seen a much sexier ring
  6. OMG are you getting that? Can you spare some change to those in need!

    Surely that Haute Joaillerie knuckle duster is AT LEAST $200,000 with that huge aquamarine thing in the middle and considering that my colleague/friend taking the holiday with me right now has as her right hand ring a white coral flower ring with very little diamonds and pink sapphires and that's already ~$45,000!

    If it's not too rude can I ask how much is it and is it called Incroyable et Merveilleuse? What a suitable name; incredible and marvellous, LOL!
  7. i think DIOR does make some nice jewelry. my friend is eyeing a pair black pearl earrings and it is so classy! it's on elux for $250 i think.

    foxy_chao: nice ring! i wonder if they make it in a different color combination?
  8. i love these lines but bee is right they start at around 100K euro (that was 3 years back) :flowers: but if you love it get it !
  9. SCP Dior didn't have all the ones I liked. I don't know the price for them, but if they do start 100K and up. I will skip. Aquamarine does not worth much. It's not an expensive gem. I will see where I can find it and take a look. I hope it's not that much money.

    Here are some other designs to share with y'all. :wlae:
    orange_ring.jpg pink_ring.jpg purple_ring.jpg green_ring.jpg yellow_ring.jpg paw_ring.jpg
  10. Thanks for the pics. Interesting jewelry.
  11. Wow..I love them all especially this one

  12. Wow. That is a fabulous cocktail ring, haha.
  13. I own this one. :nuts: Love matching the ring with mikimoto pearls. :love: