Dior Extreme Cut-out Sandal - Only for the long/slim legged?

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  1. Question to all Dior Extreme owners out there (or anyone who've tried them on) - Do you think these shoes only suit slim(or long)-legged girls?

    I have my eye on the brown python pair SJP wore in the SATC movie, but my legs aren't quite as stick-tin as hers :cry:

  2. I feel that they would elongate your leg and make it appear slimmer. If you like them, buy them.
  3. where did you see the brown pythons? They were TDF in the movie!!!
    and to answer your question, i think any shoes with an ankle strap look better on taller/slimmer girls, but these Diors are different cut and they should look good on anybody
  4. I had the same issue, so I got mine is the stone color/pewter shade.
    I don't have stick thin legs either but I figured the lighter the color, visually it wouldn't cut off your leg.

    I'm still waiting for mine. Due to arrive to me on the 22th!!!!!!!!
  5. I have pretty short legs, and while I think the cut-outs are absolutely TDF, they're not the most flattering on me. :sad:
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone! I'm 5'4" like SJP, just no way as slim :shame: Magdalena, I'm most likely getting them from ebay (I didn't win the auction but the winning ebayer contacted me as they're too big for her, she has 1500 positive feedback, so am hoping it's ok). I fell in :heart: with it as well during the SATC movie, and my jaw dropped everytime I saw it (literally). Techie you tried them on? How tall are you (if you don't mind my asking).

    TIA! :tup:
  7. PS. Wow! When I posted the pic I had no idea it moved!
  8. i'd love a pair!
  9. I have pretty short legs and I love mine! SJP is a shortie too and they look great on her! :tup:
  10. Ooh! Any modelling pics sep? Being 'shortie' is only half my problem, the other half is being QUITE a few kilos heavier than SJP (albeit same height) :cry:
  11. OMGosh, I bought them! :yahoo: They're on their way, can't wait to get them! For those who are interested you can get them online (from the actual Dior website) in the UK (I didn't check for other countries) for GBP750 (3 sizes left, mine was one of them). Ooh! Can't wait!
  12. This shoes should make your legs look slimmer.
  13. OMG I am in LOVE with these shoes. I think they would look sexy on almost anyone.
  14. I agree that that shoe coulf make anyones legs/feet look great
  15. Those shoes are gorgeous! Heels usually tend to make the leg look thinner.