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  1. Hello,
    I really wanted these 2 bags from Dior, but I have no idea what their names are... so Could anybody please help ???

    I think they are CalfSkin and are made of Cannage-like stiching

    Thank you all very much!!!!!
  2. Hi pinkpiano!

    I think that these were called the Lady Dior D shoppers (I don't remember their exact name...they could be the Cannage Large/Medium D shoppers). Does anyone else know?

    (oh my they look so gorgeous)
  3. Thanks MAYDAY,

    they are on sale right now in Dior (Private sale i think.. )
  4. You're very welcome!

    They're actually on sale at Holts too!!!! I love this line...gotta grab one before they are all sold out, although my bank account will hate me for this.
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