Dior exhibition at Colette

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  1. John Galliano is about to celebrate his 10-year anniversary at Dior, and so kickstarting the festivities in the style department are an extra-limited collection of the iconoclastic Saddle bags inspired by Galliano's travels across the globe: Argentina, China, Egypt, India, Japan, Russia, Mexico and beyond. The collection will grace the colette windows in a worldwide exclusive from December 4th-9th.

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG][/FONT]
  2. THOSE ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!! The one with the white fur trim is to die for!
  3. OMG the denim with fur trimming is THE MOST PRETTTY SADDDDDLE dior ever made :drool::drool:

    more info?
  4. arggghh, okay i just called up the dior in manchester. the prices vary for the countries (because of the materials used) and they can't email me any pictures over the internet because it's strictly for viewing in stores. the catch of course is, i'll have to pre-order one, pay a deposit, head down to the store to see it and if i'd like some other country's saddle bag, they'd call up paris to do a swap. it's insane!

    that said, the SA did give me a ballpark figure of about 2600pounds for the hollywood version. (it's the average price for those limited edition saddles)

    he'll get back to me on it and apparently he claims that once the bag is sold, it's gone for good. are the saddle bags really THAT LIMITED?

    i called up the dior in asia (singapore specifically) and they aren't bringing in the bags at all, in fact they were pretty clueless about it. so i don't know if these bags are even going to hit all the stores or a select few or any at all. i'm getting this feeling like all of them are just going to sit prettily in a nice safe backroom in their paris mothership and when an order comes in for them, they get sent to whichever dior boutique requested for them.

    they're honestly beginning to sound like a mystery...
  5. 2,600 pounds for a little saddle bag? :wtf: :wtf:

    I want one but not for that price. :cursing:
  6. it gets higher! he said that there are ones with diamantes, fur, etc that cost more because of the extra bits & bobs.

    i guess it really is that limited. :lol:
  7. yes-- there are only going to be 100 of each produced!!
  8. is it 100 of each, or 100 total?
  9. ^^ i hope 100 of each ..

    woow they r being insanely over priced ..
  10. which one is going to have the fur? i love fur...
  11. the russia one will have fur
  12. gorgeous!!