Dior event at the end of December?

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  1. I got an invite for a special Dior event...something about the unveiling of their lookbook to celebrate their 60th anniversary? I'm supposed to RSVP for it...its December 27 I believe. Did anyone else get a similar invite for the Dior in their area? I'm just curious what it is about...I'm definitely going to the presale in any case! :p I wonder what they'll have on sale?
  2. Anyone? This will be my first "event" at the boutique so I'm kinda wondering what to expect. :smile: Do other Dior boutiques in the US do this kind of thing? I know that the one that I go to sometimes has little fashion shows and other cool looking invite only events...
  3. no idea :shame: but definitely tell us how it goes! should be fun