Dior evening gown price

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  1. Hello girls! How much does a dior evening gown cost? I really loved Minka Kellys blue evening gown by Dior ! :smile:))) Please tell me if anyone knows the ready to wear evening gown prices!
  2. Well it really depends on the exact gown? There are so many factors involved that could dramatically alter the price, from the fabric used to the degree of embellishment.

    Do you have a reference picture?
  3. here are the pics!))

    Attached Files:

  4. Ah that's the long-sleeved dress in lace from Fall 2011:


    AUD27,000 - due to the intricate tailoring needed to work with lace.
  5. thanks!))))
  6. What a lovely dress!
  7. the price is also lovely! loool
  8. I think this dress looks better on Minka than on the model.