dior ethnic

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  1. hi ladies, i'm new to the forum, but knew someone here would possibly be able to help me out with some more info on a bag

    its from the ethnic collection, hobo/shoulder bag style

    i found it on the dior site, but have not been able to find any more information on eluxury, Saks, or neiman.

    has anyone spotted this bag in either the leather or fabric material?

    i absolutely loveeee this bag, but need to know how much its going to set me back.

    thanks ladies!
    ethnic.JPG ethnic fabric.JPG
  2. Just went on the dior site to the shop online section, when you click on the US shop online it takes you to eluxury who don't have the hobo but if you click on say the UK that bag is there and it is in brown, black and white in the logo material for 560 pounds which is roughly the equivalent of just over $1100 so I think $1150 USD would be a safe bet.
  3. Saw these bags at Saks Dior boutique Orlando, the price was good and the bags are really nice, I especially like the ivory color, it really shows the whipstitching and leather well, in fact, it's my favorite color in this collection.
  4. thanks for all the help ladies!!

    the shoulder bag is quite nice, but i just fell in love with the hobo when i saw it. the ivory colour is beautiful too, but in the photo it shows the handle as a dark brown shade, but i find the contrast to be too harsh with the ivory.
  5. I don't mind the contrast color but I am hopeless with getting this type of color dirty so it would be no good for me.

    I am sure there would be other color variations available in store.
  6. Actually I got the hobo in ivory this week, and I toally loved it!!!! I couldn't put it down when I tried it on in the Dior boutique in Hawaii. Since they had a 10% sale during the time so it costed around $670 USD. the material is nylon and the sales said it is waterproof that if you spill something on it, just wipe it off right away and it will be ok. Speaking about the handle, I think it is the problem of the photo, the color of the handle is also ivory and matches with the bag perfectly!!
  7. Oh, i just want to say the bag is gorgeous.
  8. wow!! that's a great deal!!! did the hawaii boutique have 10% off everything? Cuz this is a really new design so rare to see new stuff on sale.
  9. Geez another one for the want list :nuts: