Dior "envelope" clutch from SATC

  1. Anyone know if this is still available anywhere?


    It's described in the caption here as "vintage Dior envelope". Is it really a "vintage" bag, or just described that way because of the vintage logo? (Sorry, can't find a better pic.)
  2. I've seen similar bags pop up on EBay from time to time.

    I even saw an auction (a while back) where they claimed it to be the exact same style. I don't remember the details, but it seems to me it is not currently available.

    It's a great looking bag, though!!
  3. Yes, it is! I'd never noticed it until I was watching the episode on HBO "On Demand" last week. The thing that's cool about this bag is that it had a handle and can be carried, or folded over like a clutch. It's such a girly looking bag!
  4. I am also looking for this bad EVERYWHERE. I have been searching the web with no luck, I've even looked throughout Ebay. The only one that I have found that looks similar is the L.A.M.B convertible clutch, pretty cute though nothing like this Dior. Good luck to us both :smile:
  5. I havea similar Dior clutch...a little smaller! That coat is my absolute most favorite piece of clothing EVER!!!!
  6. it's vintage. i've seen them pop up on ebay from time to time. you could also check into high-end vintage stores like decades and let them know you are looking for one.
  7. i've seen some on ebay every now and then ... there would be your best bet