Dior Earrings (Has anyone seen them?)

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  1. Saks had a pair of Dior logo earrings that IM DYING to have. Has anyone seen them recently? I called and they are no longer available on Saks website. Please help :smile:

  2. I can't say that I have seen them around. You might want to check ebay. Sometimes people change their minds about a purchase and list it instead of returning.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I checked ebay and no had them :shucks: Ill keep looking
    Thanks again :smile:
  4. These should be stocked at the Dior boutiques, but because they are such a classic item and relatively inexpensive they're always getting sold out. Ask an SA to check stock for you.
  5. U could have them locate it at one of the stores,
  6. I couldn't see the linked item :sad:

    I agree that you should really call a Dior boutique.
  7. they are gorgeous! there was a pair of earrings which i had my eye and heart set on after seeing it on the dior UK website. But after going into Dior boutique they told me that they didn't purchase this style. so instead i went for the necklace from the same collection. I'm disappointed that a lot of the styles are not available here for many brands or the prices are just not on par with the rest of the world.
  8. Post a pic in the Dior forum!!! Would love to see your necklace =)