Dior D'Trick

  1. Hello!

    I recently brought a Dior D'Trick purse and I would like to know more about this item. If anyone could answer my questions, that would be great!

    When did the purse first come out?
    How is the long pearl strap supposed to be used/attached?
    Is there any special way to care for the phython leather?

    Any help is appriciated!



  2. I have no idea but what a swanky bag! Very cool!
    Welcome to tPF!
  3. Hi, What a great bag you have there!!!! The python is TDF! The D'Trick is from the s/s 2004 collection: http://catwalks.sagafurs.com/album58/04_PA_S_S_Dior_121
    I have also a D'Trick but without the python and the long pearl strap (I have the pic in my 'bag showcase' thread). I think your bag is supposed to be worn messenger-style like in the picture, but I don't know how it has to be attached...As for the python...I don't know how you have to treat it (other members will know), I'd just say: handle with much much care:flowers:
  4. Thanks SwankyMamaof3 and iSpot!!!!!!!
  5. ooh cute! did you get that one from ebay? i was eyeing it b/c it looked like a good price (i dont'know how the auction ended?) very unique! i'm pretty sure d'trick came out in 2004.
  6. oh what an elegant number! it came out in 2004 but it looks so classy and timeless. i know the outlets still carry them and I plan to get one for myself this christmas. Absolutely Georgous!
  7. the pearl strap can also be used as a choker :smile:

    I'm sure I have some pictures somewhere, but most likely on my stationary computer and I'm on my laptop right now.

    It's a lovely bag, the d'trick has always been one of my favourites.
  8. the d'trick was summer 2004... total blast from the past! ;)

    enjoy her !!
  9. she also came with an optional fur strap that was shown on the catwalk.
    i remember there was also a limited ed. in leopard cowhair with red patent trim and a red fur/pearls strap!! :nuts:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] note the strap around the neck!! you can totally use it as a choker!!
  10. ^^ Nice
  11. Did you ever figure out how to attach the pearl strap onto the bag? is it able to be worn messenger style? if so, do the pearl straps show in the front, or the back? ive always wondered about this bag! you should post a picture :smile:
  12. Been scouting for this bag as well!
    It looks really really good!!
  13. so pretty, congrats!!