Dior Drawstring Cannage questions...

  1. Seriously of asking my bf to buy me this when he goes to Harrods this summer sale, IF it's there. So I have a couple qs:

    1)Those of you who have it, tell me ALL about it. Size options? I'm only 5' tall, so I'm wondering if the medium would be ok if not the large.

    2) Comfortable? Wearable? What would it go with? Day wear or night wear?

    3) Is it durable or fragile?

    And lastly, pics please, of your own drawstring cannages! :biggrin: :supacool:
  2. Anyone?
  3. Ah someone else who loves this bag, I'm going to buy a nylon one I think asap!

    1. I've seen the bag (in Harrods, they got them out for me) and it does look really pretty big. Medium is 11"H x 15"W x 5"D and large is 12 2/5"H x 14 4/5"W x 5 1/5"D.

    2. From what I remember the nylon bag felt lovely and looked really shiny and gorgeous, the leather one was nice too although the drawstring didn't seem to do up so well I found. That was what put me off it. Both seemed pretty durable and wearable though. As for what you'd put them with I think they're perfect for the daytime and could go with a nighttime outfit I'd reckon, especially in Fall/Autumn I think when outfits tend to be heavier and more substantial.

    3. As before mentioned, looked and felt pretty durable.

    Hope that maybe helped a little bit, obviously I'm not yet an owner of the bag although I soon will be. Maybe other people would be able to add their opinions too. :smile:
  4. Thanks so much! it's definitely on my list now. I have a drawstring tote by Juicy, but I think Dior is more classy. :smile:

    Is the nylon as durable as the leather then? I'm sure it would be cheaper too.... Anyone know?
  5. I would expect the leather to be possibly more hard wearing, the only downside I could think for the nylon is that it may stain easier? Not so sure.

    As for prices, this is out of sale in Harrods, the leather bags were £745 and the nylon £545.
  6. Oh, no. Is it available anywhere else??
  7. You can get the tax refund here.

    cannage is not on sale this summer.