Dior Distressed Leather Pumps- **What do you think?**

  1. I think I like this pair of Diors. The round toe looks comfortable and the wooden heel at the back is so cute. I think they would look cool with distressed jeans. What do you ladies think?
    shoe.jpg shoe2.jpg
  2. I would buy those in a heartbeat. I love them.:yes:
  3. I agree that they would like great with jeans!
  4. Cute.
  5. cute!
  6. I'm going to get them... Thanks everyone!
  7. Hot! Love them!
  8. I have a similar pair I bought from Zara and they look great with jeans. Buy them!
  9. These would look great with jeans- buy them!
  10. They are very cute!
  11. Go for them! I love Dior shoes :smile: Very comfy and easy to match with anything.
  12. Thanks ladies! They are on their way to me!:p
  13. they are very casual, with jeans they would be good, but not for any formal occasion.
  14. gorgeous they look so soft
  15. Those would look great w/jeans! Glad you got them!