Dior "DiorPlay" dice charm lip gloss - too cute!

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  1. oh it's pink!! i remember when they had the silver one, super cute!
  2. its gorgeous! i :heart: love all the seasonal make up thingies Dior does they`re something else, the rings the bracelets mmmm :yes:
  3. I think it is cool they re-released this one in a diff color:heart:
  4. it so cute! i have the silver one and love it
  5. its cute!
  6. COOL! I like the silver one more in this case but the pink does look very interesting!
  7. I have the silver, but I love the new pink!
  8. so cute but so pricey
  9. very cute!
  10. cute!
  11. :yahoo:
    woohoo! thanks for posting this! i've been looking for the older version of the dice lipglosses since forever and the ones on eBay are always soooo expensive! guess i'll have to succumb to these cute new pink ones. ;)
  12. That is really cute.

  13. I had forgotten it was issued in silver. If you get one post pics! If I get one I will, too! I'm thinking of holding out until Nordstrom's has a gift with makeup purchase special, so I get even more stuff! :upsidedown:
  14. Very cute-