Dior Deville by Hedi Slimane

  1. Hedi Slimane released his first handbag for men early 2007 : the Deville which comes in 3 differents colors (black, white & silver).

    I saw it at the Bon Marché in Paris, it looks nice but not practical...what do you think ?
    Dior Deville Black.jpg Dior Deville White.jpg Dior Deville Silver.jpg
  2. Looks cute. Why do you think it would not be practical? Is it too small for guys?
  3. i wouldnt mind having the silver one myself ! :yes: i wouldnt get it for my bf though doesnt look hmm...manly enough :confused1:
  4. Not very manly I think.. but I like them.. :o)
  5. not bad, although the metallic one coupled with the tassel looks a little too much for a guy to be carrying.
  6. i would like a white or silver one for myself :p as i know my bf would never carry a man bag.
  7. These bags look nice for guys, I think. They also look very practical with so many pockets...but maybe the size is a bit small (?). The tassel can be removed, too.

    If a guy is head to toe in Dior Homme, I think he'd match the silver.
  8. It looks like it might be small. Oh well, I wouldn't get it for my hubby anyway, it definitely is not his style
  9. nice, can never have enough black bags
  10. heh, i just showed my bf the pictures. he didn't take to them unfortunately.
  11. cute but my first impression of it, wasn't a man's bag.

  12. where do those head to toe Dior Homme guys hide and how come i have never managed to find one !!!!:confused1: :drool:
  13. I think they hide in Asia!!! I know a lot of Asian guys are like obsessed with this brand!!!!:nuts:

    Except everyone in the Western world seems to think Armani is better...not that I think Armani isn't good, but they do look boring on guys because it's the same boring dressy wear over and over again (no offense).
  14. oh oh!
    yeah my bf's ex-housemate who's from China, he togs out in dior homme. but uhm, well, eh, he looks... uhhh, let's just say maybe he should try a different label.

    that said i know quite a few boys back in asia who love their dior homme skinny jeans. i think it's because of the cut of dior homme - it's very tailored and slim fitting as compared to say armani where the suits are cut larger with a errm, "boxier" look. i can imagine lithe skinny emo boys in dior homme but i can't picture a typical beefcake jock in dior homme. (which is also why my bf's ex-housemate looks so odd in dior homme.)

  15. ah well ...i wouldnt mind a tall pale 20 years old fringed French cookie tucked in Dior Homme with an elusive look on his face ...yum ! :drool: